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Service Scholars at UVA

The purpose of The Service Scholar Program is to recognize University of Virginia students who have dedicated their college experience to the service of others.

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Class of 2018

Jasmyn Powers2,523 hrs
Amy He1,332 hrs
Wei Lin1,055 hrs
Logan Haley758 hrs

Class of 2019

Julianna Kang761 hrs
Shai Cohen761 hrs
Geoffrey Keating675 hrs
Grace Rovenolt592 hrs

Class of 2020

John Dour468 hrs
Katrina Shih295 hrs
Vikram Gupta241 hrs
Amrutha Kadali228 hrs

Class of 2021

Bonnie Zhang77 hrs
Ramya Ravi75 hrs
Rachel Sincalir75 hrs
Emily Lin63 hrs

All Classes

Class of 201822,410 hrs
Class of 20197,378 hrs
Class of 20204,631 hrs
Class of 2021605 hrs

CIOs on Grounds

Madison House8,789 hrs
Alpha Phi Omega1,747 hrs
ADAPT67 hrs
Students Helping Honduras49 hrs


Alpha Tau Omega789 hrs
Alpha Epsilon Pi761 hrs


Pi Beta Phi715 hrs
Sigma Delta Tau598 hrs
Gamma Phi Beta543 hrs
Sigma Kappa521 hrs


Students can log their service hours to reach different levels of achievement. The last day to log hours is April 15th of the academic school year.

If you have any questions, please send a message to our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ServiceScholar/

Yearly Recognition


25 Hours Per Year


50 Hours Per Year


75 Hours Per Year

Graduation Recognition

Service Scholar

75 Hours All Years
Graduation Cord